[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Adding mkdir option for img2enc

Dr Alan Barclay alan at escribe.co.uk
Mon Dec 18 00:41:36 EET 2017

Hi All,

Please would someone with an interest in img2enc take a look at my minor 
feature addition and consider committing it to the main line for me.

ffmpeg -i ~/trailer.mp4 -strftime 1 -mkdir 1 %Y/%m/%d/out_%H-%M-%S.jpg

Without the new mkdir option, this command will fail if the directory 
hierarchy for the jpg files does not already exist, which can be 
difficult to predict for time-stamped directories.

This patch adds a mkdir option to img2enc which invites it to make 
whatever directory hierarchy is necessary for each output file. When 
used in conjunction with the strftime then the jpg files will be located 
in a newly created (time-stamped) directory as processing progresses.

My typical usage scenario is capturing a long-running live video feed 
(perhaps time-lapsed) and storing the resulting images in a time-stamped 
directory hierarchy fashion, rather than as a numbered sequence of files 
in a single directory.

If you look at the code you will see that only a half dozen lines of 
code were required in img2enc. The function for creating directories 
already existed in hlsenc.c but I've moved into utils.c as I presumed 
that was a more generic location for it.

All comments appreciated.

Thanks ad Regards,

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