[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg fails to compile CentOS 7

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Sat Dec 23 21:07:31 EET 2017

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 12:38:36 -0500, PUPCo Studios wrote:
> I have been working for a week to look for a solution that would allow me to
> compile ffmpeg and associated encoders from the ffmpeg wiki tutorial page
> with no success. I have covered everything, new OS to changes to the
> compilation directions from the tutorial. I am using CentOS 7 updated and
> the only way I have ever been able to get it to “maybe compile” is to borrow
> a fix from an Ubuntu script.

This question belongs onto the ffmpeg-user mailing list.

> This is where the ffmpeg compile halts on:
> ERROR: libmp3lame >= 3.98.3 not found

This was bug #6918, and should be fixed:

> sed -i -e 's/\(3.98.3..lame.lame.h.lame.set.VBR.quality..lmp3lame\)/\1 -lm/'

Wow, what a fragile regex and a bad way to add extra flags. ./configure
provides its own method, so
should have sufficed.

> This allows the compile process to go further, but then ends up causing a
> time skew issue which I could only fix by touch command as follows:

A time skew is an issue of your system, not caused by ./configure or

> find /root -type f -exec touch {} +

Why /root? Is that directory name chosen arbitrarily? Or is it user
"root"'s home directory? I hope not.

> I have in the past made tutorials for compiling ffmpeg with a multitude of
> encoder support (which of course that guide fails in the same way during the
> fffmpeg compiling
) so I am no stranger to having to “fix” the tutorial with
> workarounds and such – and I am now not even compiling anything as shared as
> the point of installing ffmpeg which is to install ffmpeg-php also.

I truly hope your tutorials don't suggest users to compile stuff as
user ID "root".

> Attached is my “ffbuild/config.log” at which point the compile fails with
> ERROR: libmp3lame >= 3.98.3 not found

As mentioned, should be fixed. Please try latest master HEAD.


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