[FFmpeg-devel] Global options to compile FFmpeg with only audio-related features

Cyber Sinh cyber.sinh at free.fr
Sat Dec 30 18:00:02 EET 2017



I use FFmpeg in an audio-oriented software (for playing and acoustic fingerprinting). 


So, I want to compile FFmpeg with only:

- audio-oriented features to reduce the size (and compilation time) of the lib (eg. bypass video codecs). A feature should be considered as audio-related if it is video-only oriented (eg. A media container which supports audio stream should be considered as an audio feature).

- player-oriented features to demux/decode files (not to mux/encode them).


Disabling all muxers and encoders is easy: passing “--disable-muxers” and “--disable-encoders” to “configure” is enough.


But to enable only audio-oriented features, I have to pass many options (and maintain) to “configure” script:



It would be great if there was more global options in the “configure” bash script to enable all audio-related (or disable all video-related) features, like (eg. for decoders):




What do you think?




Cyber Sinh

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