[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec/dpxenc: support colour metadata in DPX encoder, fixes ticket #6023

Reto Kromer lists at reto.ch
Fri Feb 3 15:34:27 EET 2017

Vittorio Giovara wrote:

>I think the code looks fine. I am just wondering if we
>should also offer the possibility to set these flags from 
>the standard context options (-color_trc and others). I'm
>aware that not all values match or are valid but maybe a
>small conversion table or extending the main table could be
>a viable approach. Similarly this could be done for the
>decoder so that color properties are not lost during a
>dpx->dpx conversion maybe.


In my opinion, this is important. I guess to implement an
additional conversion table would be the best solution.

Best regards, Reto

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