[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec/als: use planar sample formats

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at mail.de
Tue Jul 4 22:34:26 EEST 2017

Am 02.07.17 um 16:17 schrieb Paul B Mahol:
> On 7/2/17, Thilo Borgmann <thilo.borgmann at mail.de> wrote:
>> Am 01.07.17 um 22:23 schrieb Paul B Mahol:
>>> This is native layout of this codec.
>> From where is that definition?
> See how samples are stored in raw buffers.

The raw buffers are our own construct and as such hardly an argument for that.
If you mean that in the bitstream the most inner loop iterates over the samples
of a given block of a given channel then, well, one might argue that planer is

> Many codecs do not do interleaving and that work is left to another library.

Sound like a good way to handle it.

However, I think we can let the user decide what output format he likes, don't
we? So I am ok with adding planer output format next to interleaved - I do not
follow you on just replacing it (assuming the former is true). I'd also be ok
with defining planer output to be the default in that case.


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