[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v12] - Added Turing codec interface for ffmpeg

Saverio Blasi Saverio.Blasi at bbc.co.uk
Mon Jul 17 14:19:01 EEST 2017

>> Thanks a lot, this makes sense. I thought that flag was compulsory and therefore we only included linking against libraries in "Libs.private" in the pc file. I have just pushed a fix to the Turing repo to include that in the Libs as well.
>> I have tested this and it seems to work fine in my machine and in the Docker with Ubuntu and debian with and without the flag now. No changes are needed to the actual patch, it should work as long as you update Turing to the latest commit.

So we have now further tested this extensively in different machines. I believe the problems with linking against dynamic libraries are solved in v 12 of the patch. In all our tests the patch works correctly with either settings of the pkg-config-flags. Could you please help us and confirm that this is the case? I think this was the only blocker with this latest version of the patch?

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