[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC][PATCH][Type 2] Revert "doc/developer.texi: Add a code of conduct"

Josh de Kock josh at itanimul.li
Sun Jun 10 22:56:23 EEST 2018

On 2018/05/14 17:50, Derek Buitenhuis wrote:
> It was never enforced, and there is no documented way to enforce it,
> rendering it useless.
> [...]

I think this is the best thing to do first. We could always re-add a 
more 'proper' CoC later, but for now there's no point creating more 
confusion. I stated this on IRC but saying this on the ML so it is 
documented more publicly.

Also, it has been more than a month since this was posted with no 
resolution, when do you intend to take, or expect others to take, actual 
action with regards to this?


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