[FFmpeg-devel] qt-faststart bug near 4GB

Eran Kornblau eran.kornblau at kaltura.com
Wed Jun 13 11:54:20 EEST 2018

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> this is not mandatory but trying with some basic fuzzer seems like a good idea look at the examples in the manpage of zzuf for example, its very easy to use
Ok, zzuf is indeed easy to use :)

One issue that it surfaced is the lack of validation on ftyp atom size 
(unrelated to this patch) -
At some iteration it changed the ftyp size to a large number, faststart
managed to allocate it, but zzuf did not. I don't think this is a real
issue (if the code did malloc(size+1), read(size) then it could have been...)

Anyway, I used the attached patch to work around it. I didn't find any 
official limit to the size of this atom, so I randomly chose 1MB, which is
several orders of magnitude larger than any ftyp I've seen...

Btw, the exact same issue exists for moov, I can submit a patch for that too,
although there it will be harder to find a good limit. We're using 256MB
as the limit for moov size in our JIT packager.

These are the commands that I used for the test -

# ffmpeg -f lavfi -i anullsrc=sample_rate=48000 -t 0.1 faststart-zzuf.mp4

# zzuf -s 0:1000000 tools/qt-faststart faststart-zzuf.mp4 faststart-output.mp4 > zzuf-output.txt 2> zzuf-error.txt

# sort -u zzuf-error.txt
faststart-zzuf.mp4: Invalid argument
faststart-zzuf.mp4: Success

# sort -u zzuf-output.txt | awk 'NF<1 || $(NF-1) !~ /[0-9]+/ || $NF !~ /[0-9]+/' | grep -av 'too big$' | grep -av 'too small$'
 copying rest of file...
encountered non-QT top-level atom (is this a QuickTime file?)
last atom in file was not a moov atom
not enough room for 64 bit atom size
 patching stco atom...
 writing ftyp atom...
 writing moov atom...



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