[FFmpeg-devel] (no subject)

Wang Cao doubleecao at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 12:09:31 EEST 2018

For example: with (-psnr)
frame=  450 fps=315 q=0.0 LPSNR=Y:44.15 U:43.21 V:42.36 *:43.64 size=     385kB time=00:00:15.01 bitrate= 210.0kbits/s speed=10.5x (video stats)
size=     107kB time=00:00:15.13 bitrate=  58.0kbits/s speed=10.6x (audio stats)

If there are multiple files, stats of the second output would be concatenated
after the first one. Is this a acceptable behavior?

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