[FFmpeg-devel] RTMP Streaming With FFMPEG (Development / Troubleshooting)

TalkVideo at TalkVideo.net TalkVideo at TalkVideo.net
Fri Feb 1 21:01:05 EET 2019


I am working on Apps to send RTMP streams. Basically the behavior of av_read_frame()
affects how OBS, and as far as I can tell, ffmpeg itself receives data from an
incoming stream. This is where I need to do some work so that for example, a stream
can come in at whatever time, and be transmitted, and then in the mean time
fall back to some other stock video. 

As it stands now, when a stream just stops as far as I can tell, av_read_frame()
will wait indefinitely, unless it is sent an EOF, I think. Shouldn't it give up after
a while and return with error?

Is this better directed to libav-user?


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