[FFmpeg-devel] Access to the dolby vision decoder info

Gresserman Dmitrij Dmitrij.Gresserman at loewe.de
Fri Feb 1 21:42:43 EET 2019

The main motivation of the patch is to provide the complete structure of the Dolby Vision Configuration Box and decoder configuration record (dvcC/dvvC) and the DOVI Video Stream Descriptor. This provided structure can be parsed now and used (for example in dump.c) to indicate if a dolby vision stream is part of the analyzed file. Furthermore the profile and type of the dolby vsion sub streams can be displayed now.

The information of the origin is needed to parse the provided structure. The Descriptor and the Boxes have at this point nearly equal structures, but the reserved size varies significantly. So it may become releveant to know the origin of the provided structure in the future, therefore i added the prefixes.

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