[FFmpeg-devel] Proposal: Homebrew tap for FFmpeg

Werner Robitza werner.robitza at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 09:56:53 EET 2019

On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 9:51 PM Carl Eugen Hoyos <ceffmpeg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why don't you put your "formula" into your own github repository?

I could do that, but as I've mentioned, providing an official formula
(within a separate repository, not in the source tree!) would make it
easier for end users to discover, and it would ensure that there's
some authority over the build process. If we sent off users to
third-party taps from unknown sources, that could lead to bad end user
experience with Homebrew and FFmpeg, neither of which is wanted –
think about outdated taps or potentially even malicious intent.

> We already provide a build script and we believe that it works
> very well, in addition a kind supporter offers osx binaries.

That's all true, but not all users want to build manually (or have the
technical skills to understand what's going on) and take care of a
dozen dependencies. The build scripts and guides are quite
straightforward but it still takes more time than just running "brew
install ffmpeg". Just for context, in the last 90 days, there have
been over a quarter million installs of ffmpeg through Homebrew.
That's a considerable amount.

Also, the binaries do not contain all third-party dependencies one
might want, such as non-free software or larger libraries. I've
mentioned this in my post as well.

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