[FFmpeg-devel] avcodec/proresenc_aw : add interlace encoding support

Martin Vignali martin.vignali at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 13:51:28 EET 2019


> > Use +ildct flag to switch between progressive and interlace encoding
> >
> > Use AVFrame flag to switch between tff and bff frame organization.
> >
> Is this what you mean by altering the -setparams filter?
> In order to choose between top field first and bottom field first, i use
the AVFrame property (interlaced, and top_field_first)
(these property can be set using setparams filter using field_mode (so
setparams make a more predictable result of field order (and color property
(if set) at the same time))

> > If AVFrame->interlaced value is not set to 1, but +ildct is set
> (interlace
> > encoding of progressive frame), define field order to top (most common
> case
> > for prores file)
> >
> It appears that prores_ks defaults to BFF?

Following source code of prores_ks, i think prores_ks, doesn't really make
a choice for interlace encoding of not interlace content
it test for top field first property, if not set define to bottom (but
doesn't check the interlaced flag before)
Make more sense to me to convert progressive content to top field first.


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