[FFmpeg-devel] FW: Requirements for compiling with CUDA_SDK option enabled

Soft Works softworkz at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 19 06:08:16 EET 2019

> > At least from my understanding it would be perfectly legal to exclude
> > the CUDA kernel code from ffmpeg and add an option to the filters
> > for specifying a file containing the compiled CUDA kernel to be loaded
> > at runtime (via cuModuleLoadData).
> >
> > What do you think?
> It's certainly something you could do, but the kernels would need to be
> distributed separately, respecting the licence of the individual kernel
> source files. In the case of the nvidia authored filters, the kernels
> are under an MIT style licence, so you'd be able to distribute compiled
> kernels, but for yadif_cuda, the kernel source is still covered by the
> lgpl and you would have to evaluate what is required for compliance
> (IANAL, etc, etc) in that case.

Thanks again for your kind reply. Although I’m not a lawyer myself, I know
that if you’re the sole(!) author of the yadif_cuda kernel source, then you
would be  allowed to publish that code under any additional license you want.

But that would be your very own decision, I wouldn’t dare to ask you about
doing so. ;-)


Another way might be local compilation via NVRTC or NVCC, but this would
require the CUDA SDK to be installed. I guess you’ve already thought about

-- softworkz

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