[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 0/5] Clean up CUDA SDK usage and remove non-free requirement

Timo Rothenpieler timo at rothenpieler.org
Wed Feb 27 21:38:41 EET 2019

On 21.02.2019 04:57, Philip Langdale wrote:
> I've been thinking about this for a while, but I only recently made the
> realisation that compiling cuda kernels to the ptx format does not
> introduce any non-free dependencies - the ptx files are an intermediate
> assembly code format that is actually compiled to binary form at
> runtime. With that understood, we just need to switch the remaining
> users of the CUDA SDK to ffnvcodec and we will remove the non-free
> entanglements from cuda.
> Philip Langdale (5):
>    configure: Add an explicit check and option for nvcc
>    avfilter/vf_yadif_cuda: Switch to using ffnvcodec
>    avfilter/vf_scale_cuda: Switch to using ffnvcodec
>    avfilter/vf_thumbnail_cuda: Switch to using ffnvcodec
>    configure: Remove cuda_sdk dependency option

Series applied, but kept cuda_nvcc non-free.

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