[FFmpeg-trac] #148(undetermined:open): ffplay and ffmpeg hang-up for "invalid" streams (urls)

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Wed May 18 19:18:24 CEST 2011

#148: ffplay and ffmpeg hang-up for "invalid" streams (urls)
Reporter:  alexandru_mg3  |       Owner:
    Type:  defect         |      Status:  open
Priority:  normal         |   Component:  undetermined
 Version:  0.7-rc1        |  Resolution:
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Comment (by alexandru_mg3):

 I can add important details to reproduce the bug:
 a) Current Command that reproduce the issue:  ffplay

 b)I have identify the function that generates the hang-up:

 is in ffplay.c:
  "... err = av_open_input_file(&ic, is->filename, is->iformat, 0, ap);"

 c) The execution remains "suspended" in this function for 10 MINUTES:
 after this time I have  killed the ffplay process (I know is incredible
 but I put the clock to count the minutes)

 d) Note: the valid stream and invalid address streams don't generate the

 Please if you can fix this is a very embarassing bug...seems that it was
 Ok, in 0.6x version.


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