[FFmpeg-trac] #185(avformat:open): ffmpeg segfaults with large ogg/vorbis files

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Fri May 20 00:33:46 CEST 2011

#185: ffmpeg segfaults with large ogg/vorbis files
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    Type:  defect               |      Status:  open
Priority:  important            |   Component:  avformat
 Version:  git-master           |  Resolution:
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Comment (by Philius):

 I did a
   git pull -a
 Then I downloaded the patches into a "patches" sibling directory and then
   cat ../patches/*.patch | git-am
 and re-ran configure.
 I got the following error
   ERROR: libx264 version must be >= 0.115.
 I had a look at wheezy's repos and libx264 only goes up to 112, so it's a
 no-go on Debian for the

 I recorded the "problem" video using cheese - about 49 minutes @ 640x480,
 video 30Hz
 , audio 1 channel @ 44,100KHz, which came to 2.5GB.
 I ended up splitting the conversion run into 30 mins + 19 mins and joining
 the two avi's, dropping the
 audio and rotating 180 degrees - I recorded myself solving a sudoku puzzle
 in real-time to try to
 capture the stream-of-consciousness involved, so small flurries of
 activity in a mostly static frame.

 The video info claims 30fps but it looks more like 2-3 fps which may be
 because of disk/cpu
 bottle-necking + small variations in lighting conditions affecting overall
 illumination, if that helps.

 The resulting AVIs have visible tinges of green(top) + pink(bottom) which
 aren't present in the
 original, with -sameq(246MB) and hqdn(73MB).

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