[FFmpeg-trac] #250(avformat:new): Wav probing is behaving badly over HTTP

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Fri May 27 17:37:45 CEST 2011

#250: Wav probing is behaving badly over HTTP
 Reporter:  sstreaker             |        Type:  defect
   Status:  new                   |    Priority:  important
Component:  avformat              |     Version:  unspecified
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 This is reproducible in latest git, but was not broken in git 9763420
 (05/16/2011).  Problem was initially discovered via direct interaction
 with FFmpeg API's but is reproducible in FFplay in identical fashion.

 When starting playback of WAV streams via HTTP, I observe 1000's of seeks
 past the end of the stream, resulting in server properly responding 416
 Request Range Not Satisfiable.  Eventually normal playback does happen, so
 presumably this is happening within the probing functions.  In FFplay
 you'll see:

 [http @ 03B41F60] HTTP error 416 Request range not satisfiable
     Last message repeated 5625 times
 [wav @ 01EDB760] max_analyze_duration 5000000 reached at 5015510
 Input #0, wav, from 'http://url.to.stream.'
   Duration: 00:03:04.21, bitrate: 1411 kb/s

 No analysis was done for wav files stored on disk.  This behavior is
 observed on each and every of a wide variety of WAV streams.

 Here are the stream offsets (captured from HTTP server logfile) the
 decoder is seeking out for a sample wav stream of length 32495276 bytes.
 This is notable because the first request for a nonzero offset is exactly
 1 byte past the end of the stream.  It goes haywire from there.

 Range: bytes=0-
 Range: bytes=32495276-
 Range: bytes=4289986657-
 Range: bytes=4290641986-
 Range: bytes=4292935779-
 Range: bytes=4294049943-
 Range: bytes=4290642071-

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