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#424: A/V desync on transport stream
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Comment (by wg):

 Replying to [ticket:424 cehoyos]:
 > The stream contains 720p60 H264 video and mp2 stereo sound. When
 transcoded with FFmpeg, the resulting file is non-interleaved, i.e. the 15
 seconds of sound come first (without picture). MPlayer's mpegts demuxer
 indicates that the stream does start with mostly identical timestamps for
 audio and video (but plays the video too fast).
 > FFmpeg seems to believe that audio starts with timestamps ~130 and video
 with ~260.

 ffprobe shows this file to have no video timestamps at all, so what should
 ffmpeg do except waiting for such a timestamp?
 Please try
 ffmpeg_g -i ts720p_i_fr.ts -qscale 5 out.avi -map 0.0:0.1 -map 0.1
 maybe it does more like what you want.  I could hear no sound neither in
 the original nor in the transcoded file.

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