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#442: scene change detection
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 '''suggestion:''' scene change detection

 '''status:''' Isn't this possibly already implemented "under the hood" in
 the form of the '''-sc_threshold''' parameter?

 '''key benefits / fields of application:'''
    (1) Exporting first frame of each scene as an image effectively creates
 generates a storyboard ...
    (2) ... which in turn would be an enormous help in identifying added
 and deleted scenes when comparing the content of two videos.
    (3) Alternatively, when storing the timestamps in a text file, this
 text file could then be fed to a video editor to automatically split a
 long recording into individual scenes.
    (4) Using I-frame upon scene change for improving compression ratio.

 '''review of the situation:''' Here is a scholar paper reviewing existing
 scene detection method and comparing their performances:


 '''open source implementations of scene change detection algorithms
 possibly easily reusable in FFmpeg:'''
      (1)        BBC R&D's open source ('''LGPL''') Video Shot Change
 Detector: http://www.bbc.co.uk/opensource/projects/shot_change/ ( =
 http://sourceforge.net/projects/shot-change/ )

      (2)        Shotdetect  ('''LGPL'''): http://shotdetect.nonutc.fr/

      (3)        yuvdiff ('''GNU GPL'''):

      (4)        http://www.mathworks.com/products/computer-

      (5)        http://www.catenary.com/howto/motion.html

      (6)        lav2yuv -S list.el ("Output a scene list with scene

      (7)        SCSelect (filter, which distinguishes between scene
 begins, scene ends and global motion):

      (8)        sourcecode of Virtualdub' VCR mod:

      (9)        SCXvid:

      (10)        Marc FDs and neuron2's filters:

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