[FFmpeg-trac] #403(undetermined:open): -r to specify input frame rate does not work

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Thu Sep 8 01:14:33 CEST 2011

#403: -r to specify input frame rate does not work
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Comment (by dgrant):

 Sure I can make a sample of the original video that my camera produces
 with the settings that I use (1080 60Hz interlaced)

 What I want to be able to do is de-interlace the original 60i video and
 produce 60p video. When I try to do that by specifying the output
 framerate is 60, I get a video that is half the speed. In mencoder I think
 I fixed this problem by telling it that the input fps was 120. Anyways,
 ffmpeg works just fine if I tell it to create video that is 30fps. It de-
 interlaces with yadif and I get de-interlaced 30p video.

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