[FFmpeg-trac] #424(undetermined:new): A/V desync on transport stream

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Thu Sep 8 15:10:30 CEST 2011

#424: A/V desync on transport stream
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Comment (by mjs973):

 Hi Carl. The bitstream looks good to me. The transport stream DTS/PTS are
 all good. The video has no B frames (I,P only), and uses PTS==DTS (which
 is legal).

 This appears to be the same bug I already fixed in trac #88. My own media
 player, which includes the trac #88 patch, plays this stream fine. I hear
 audio immediately at the start.

 I don't have time to look at latest git today, but my guess is that
 compute_pkt_fields() is corrupting the perfectly-good DTS/PTS timestamps
 passed to it.


 P.S. the audio volume is really, really low in this clip. Peaks are at
 only 5% of full-scale.

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