[FFmpeg-trac] #187(undetermined:open): 3GP/MP4 performance regression

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Mon Sep 19 11:56:40 CEST 2011

#187: 3GP/MP4 performance regression
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Comment (by brama):

 Thanks jsd, that's very helpful.

 Did you also try to just revert the one change, and did that turn up any
 issues? I have run our entire test video set against ffmpeg-0.8.3 with the
 one commit reverted, and no issues with a/v sync have turned up at all.

 I'm also seeing problems with some mp4 input files, not just wmv. For
 those, the ffmpeg output contains:

 [mp4 @ 0xa590c20] Frame rate very high for a muxer not effciciently
 supporting it.
 Please consider specifiying a lower framerate, a different muxer or -vsync

 If going the vsync/fixed rate route, I'll have to rework our transcoder
 flow a bit to catch ffmpeg's output as it's processing (or have it
 transcode only a few frames and/or kill it after a number of seconds) to
 catch the output and rework the logic based on that.

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