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Tue Sep 27 05:35:57 CEST 2011

#512: libavutil\common.h conversion warnings
               Reporter:  DonMoir      |                  Owner:  michael
                   Type:  enhancement  |                 Status:  new
               Priority:  minor        |              Component:  avutil
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 Would you please make a couple minor changes to libavutil\common.h.

 static av_always_inline av_const int16_t av_clip_int16_c(int a)
     if ((a+0x8000) & ~0xFFFF) return (a>>31) ^ 0x7FFF;
     else                      return a;

 the returns cause me a conversion warning because they need to be cast to
 int16_t and so I have to change this each time I get a new include for

 change to:

 static av_always_inline av_const int16_t av_clip_int16_c(int a)
     if ((a+0x8000) & ~0xFFFF) return (int16_t)((a>>31) ^ 0x7FFF);
     else                      return (int16_t)a;

 cast return values to (int32_t) for the following:

 static av_always_inline av_const int32_t av_clipl_int32_c(int64_t a)
     if ((a+0x80000000u) & ~UINT64_C(0xFFFFFFFF)) return (a>>63) ^
     else                                         return a;

 also for this one in libavutil\rational.h cast return values to (int):

 static inline int av_cmp_q(AVRational a, AVRational b){
     const int64_t tmp= a.num * (int64_t)b.den - b.num * (int64_t)a.den;

     if(tmp) return (int)(((tmp ^ a.den ^ b.den)>>63)|1);
     else if(b.den && a.den) return 0;
     else if(a.num && b.num) return (int)((a.num>>31) - (b.num>>31));
     else                    return INT_MIN;

 There is no other case I have come across the produces any warnings but

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