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#1065: H.264/AVC(BDAV BluRay codec family) incorrect framerate recognition
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Comment (by L.H.V.F.):

 Hi,cehoyos and developers

 I have begin this ticket because of an plugin for '''VirtualDub'''
 ([http://virtualdub.org]), that uses '''FFmpeg library''' to open a lot of
 formats, that before, was not possible before opening them, the '''FFmpeg
 Input Driver'''. Because of the problem of the framerate recognition the
 plugin crashes in VirtualDub, and is impossible the process these videos
 from my '''set-top-box'''. Now, with your reprodution of an identified
 problem, I can suspect that the recognition causes an too bigger output
 video, and it could be a motive for the problem of instability in
 VirtualDub, the framerate is not setted, being much bigger than the
 correct recognition of the correct standards previously explained. I
 suggest, if possible, that the developers put the framerate recognition in
 '''"29,970 fps"''', because, for example, the mentioned plugin that will
 not use it correctly, using specific command of '''FFmpeg''', for set the
 framerate, just uses what is already configured in '''FFmpeg library'''.
 About the '''DVD-Video''' conversion, previously I had an video
 '''".rmvb"''', that recognized the video in '''"12,000 fps"''' (instead of
 ''' "25, 000 fps"''') in '''FFmpeg''' and '''ffplay'''. With '''SUPER''',
 at the time was possible to convert the video for '''DVD-Video''' with
 '''"25,000 fps"''', the correct framerate recognition. But, the video had
 an problematic playback in common '''DVD Player''', I percept an problem
 in frame refreshing of the same. After the correction in both '''FFmpeg'''
 and '''ffplay''', and since the bug correction in this library, other
 programs, as '''FFmpeg Input Driver''', can convert with '''"25, 000
 fps"''', and produces an better output result, including '''SUPER'''.

 Please, about the framerate recognition, put the framerate of this video
 type in '''NTSC/CRT''' standards by default ('''"29,970 fps"''') for
 '''FFmpeg''', '''ffplay''', and others, that this will be very helpfull
 for use with other programs based in '''FFmpeg''', for example,
 '''TsRemux''' ([http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=125447]) and
 '''VirtualDub''' with '''FFmpeg Input Driver''', because the result of
 output will be very usable in the conversions of many other programs using
 this library.

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