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#1188: Segmented encode
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 Encoding a video from udp mpegts stream segmented in 60 sec chunks, the
 first clip is 60 seconds long, the second 120 seconds long (only last 60
 sec with video data), the third is 180 secs long (only last 60 sec with
 video data), and so on.

 This has been discussed in


 ffmpeg -i udp:// -y -s qvga -r 20 -ac 1 -ar 16000 -b:a 24
 k -b:v 376k -c:a libmp3lame -c:v mpeg4 -force_key_frames 1 -f segment
 ime 60 -segment_list list.txt -map 0 -segment_format avi out%03d.avi

 Is there no way to encode files so in this manner that they are playable
 by vlc, windows media player, etc..?

 Is there another way to record security camera video's without the files
 having longer and longer blank playback in the beginning?

 I've tried restarting ffmpeg with -t 60 every minute, however this
 sollution uses a lot more processing with the constant startup of ffmpeg,
 and sometimes ffmpeg closes after only a few hundred milliseconds or so.

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