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#1199: Playlist support
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 Would it be too difficult to add the playlist support in FFmpeg in such
 way that it would help replace using "for", "while" and other loops, in
 batch scripts? Here is an example of possible implementation:

 ffmpeg -f playlist -i list.m3u -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f mp4 %1.new.mp4

 This would have an effect of looping through the entire list.m3u file,
 reading each file from the playlist and remuxing it into mp4 format,
 saving it to a new file name, using a file name pattern (just like -f
 image2 does with "img%03d.png"), where %1 might represent the original
 file name.

 I'm willing to make a patch for this enhancement, I just need a little
 push in the right direction. Which files should I look at, to edit them?
 I'll try to write it and submit the patch here.

 This enhancement could also be used with ffplay, to play a playlist
 instead of one file.

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