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#1229: LGPL is not compatible with IOS
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Comment (by reimar):

 You are at the very least missing "offer the source of the FFmpeg version
 you used". And there are more specific requirements, I think the only
 option you will be able to take a advantage of is the section 6c) of LGPL
 (though I can't comment on the specific legal implications of the term
 Also I am a bit surprised about your questions, IMHO section 6a) is rather
 clear on what is needed.
 Next, there is no way you can ask "the FFmpeg authors", there are probably
 over 1000, if not more of them.
 However I believe that you must have misunderstood the discussion
 concerning compatibility with the App Store or listened only to the
 clueless people. The requirement for e.g. code signing was considered to
 be not an issue for (L)GPL v2, and was the reason that the GPLv3 was
 introduced (which obviously means you should not compile your FFmpeg with
 Now if you want to have my opinion based mostly on guessing what else
 might go wrong (assuming you provide the stuff required in 6a/c):
 1) I believe that Apple (did?) require you in the developer agreement to
 own the rights to the code you distribute. That is between you and Apple
 2) I believe that it is in fact Apple, not you, doing the (commercial)
 distribution (they make loads of copies, they get paid loads of money for
 it, 30% I believe). As such, it is Apple's responsibility to provide for
 the (L)GPL requirements according to section 6. This is between the (e.g.
 FFmpeg) authors and Apple, though depending on 1) Apple might have claims
 against you afterwards...

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