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#1258: Codec support request : MPEG Multichannel Audio
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 Support for MPEG Multichannel audio seems to be missing. This is different
 to ac3. More information can be found here :

 It's a method of encoding surround audio into stereo mpeg2 files. If the
 files are played back using software that doesn't support the extra
 channels, the data is dropped and only the first two channels are decoded.

 This codec forms part of the HDV specification (specifically the 4 channel
 audio option on some HDV camcorders). The Canon XLH1, in particular, made
 use of this system.

 I have found a very old project called mctoolamed :
 http://mctoolame.sourceforge.net which can decode this codec.

 mctoolamed has several issues; it doesn't make provision for sample rates
 other than 44.1kHz and it also only supports 2,6 and 8 channel files (HDV
 cameras shoot 4 channels).

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