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#1229: LGPL is not compatible with IOS
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Comment (by reimar):

 I assume it is clear I can't give more than personal opinion.
 There is no "FFmpeg legal team" so the questions don't really make any
 sense. It is not possible to predict with certainty what each of about
 1000 people will do. Though you can look at historic data and to the best
 of my knowledge it will indicate that people making the (possibly
 modified) code of the LGPL part available hassle-free don't really risk
 The original question was about static vs. non-static linking, reading 6a)
 should answer that question.
 You still have to follow the rest of the terms, I will _not_ spend the
 time to try and come up with a water-proof complete list, even more since
 I certainly can't say anything about any 3rd-party obligations you may
 have (note in particular "provided that the terms permit modification of
 the work for the customer's own use and reverse engineering for debugging
 such modifications" in section 6).
 6c requires the entity doing the distribution to make the offer, so you
 making such an offer certainly doesn't get Apple into compliance.
 The closest to that might be to try to fulfill 6d) by including a download
 link in the App Store description, but I do not offer any legal advice
 here (not that I could anyway), and in particular not whether you placing
 the link that the shows up on Apple's side counts as Apple "offering
 access", nor whether linking to your server counts as "equivalent access"
 to an App Store download.
 And I certainly don't know what Apple's opinion will be on you doing that.

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