[FFmpeg-trac] #1140(undetermined:closed): Enabling GMC warp points in demuxing.

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#1140: Enabling GMC warp points in demuxing.
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 Sorry, but that is not acceptable IMHO.
 1) Your change only works with the mov demuxer
 2) It would parse headers for no good reason except to set this one field
 that almost no FFmpeg user would use (and it would hinder us from changing
 the parser to be more efficient and not process such fields which it
 doesn't really need).
 3) If the problem is finding out whether a decoder supports a format, the
 decoder should offer an interface for doing that. It is simply
 unreasonable to try to expose all of the (particularly in newer codecs)
 10s of options that may influence if some implementation can decode it.
 For codecs that don't expose such an API, just trying to decode the first
 frame and see if there was an error should work. For codecs that can't
 even do those I don't have a suggestion I admit (except suggesting that
 maybe just never using such a bad implementation would probably be quite a
 good idea).

 If you disagree your best chance would be to bring it up for discussion by
 others on the -devel mailing list.

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