[FFmpeg-trac] #1929(build system:new): ./configure --disable-w32threads doesn't check for presence of pthreads

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Fri Dec 7 00:14:26 CET 2012

#1929: ./configure  --disable-w32threads  doesn't check for presence of pthreads
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Comment (by rogerdpack):

 If I remove the file "libpthread.a" from my system, then the output is

 cannot find -lpthread

 Could you post to me the exact line you are seeing from config.log that
 shows it 'succeeding' so I can check it? (my thought is that it will have
 a "-c" in it, which means it happily creates a .o file, thinking that
 linking will later work--it doesn't).  So basically what we have here is a
 *freaky* case where gcc responds to "-pthread" but doing so doesn't
 actually give you pthreads, is my guess. FWIW.

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