[FFmpeg-trac] #2079(build system:new): Configure script processes nonexistent in/outdevs, de/muxers and de/encoders named "x"

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Sat Dec 29 23:02:23 CET 2012

#2079: Configure script processes nonexistent in/outdevs, de/muxers and
de/encoders named "x"
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 Commit c73c87b made some cosmetic changes that broke the output of a sed
 regexp from the configure script, generating nonexistent components called

 Example of the configure script output on a default win32 build:
 Enabled decoders:
 aac                     c93                     indeo4
 aac_latm                cavs                    indeo5
 ptx                     tiff                    x
 qcelp                   tmv                     xan_dpcm

 Enabled encoders:
 a64multi                jpegls                  png
 a64multi5               ljpeg                   ppm
 flashsv                 pcm_u16le               x
 flashsv2                pcm_u24be               xbm

 Enabled demuxers:
 aac                     iff                     pcm_u32le
 ac3                     ilbc                    pcm_u8
 gxf                     pcm_s32be               x
 h261                    pcm_s32le               xa

 Enabled muxers:
 a64                     image2pipe              pcm_s16be
 ac3                     ipod                    pcm_s16le
 ico                     pcm_f64le               x
 ilbc                    pcm_mulaw               yuv4mpegpipe

 Enabled indevs:
 lavfi                   vfwcap                  x

 Enabled outdevs:

 You can see this all around FATE as well.

 The problem is that the cosmetic changes made REGISTER_ENCDEC,
 REGISTER_MUXDEMUX and REGISTER_INOUTDEV be defined in more than one line.


 #define REGISTER_INOUTDEV(X, x)                                         \
     REGISTER_OUTDEV(X, x);                                              \

 Since the calls are in their own separate lines, the sed regexp processes
 them as components.

 Easiest solution would be to put them again on a single line.

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