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#1312: FFmpeg doesn't handle bitrate transition on some mpeg-ts stream
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Comment (by jyavenard):

 then the answer is yes.

 This type of stream could theorically occur when you are streaming HTTP
 live streaming.
 This stream for example:

 on an iPhone or iPad, it starts streaming from the bipbop1 stream, then
 realise that there is sufficient bandwidth and change to a higher bitrate
 stream (bipbop2, 3 or 4). So what you see is bipbop1 for a few seconds,
 and then it switch to another one. it works.

 For a player, it is possible to reset the decoder on the fly as you can
 detect the change of streams, but say you are recording the stream content
 instead, you would be unable to play back the resulting mpeg-ts.

 MythTV now allows to record HLS stream, and can do switch of streams on
 the fly, according to the available bandwidth.

 That no current player is able to manage that mpeg-ts doesn't mean it
 can't be done :)

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