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#1398: remuxed DTS audio won't play on hardware devices
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 Firstly thanks for FFmpeg, it's an incredible tool. My interest in it
 comes from using the DLNA server Serviio which uses FFmpeg for its
 transcoding and remuxing. Many renderer devices don't support Matroska
 files but the streams they contain are often supported, so it's common to
 remux to mpeg-ts. I maintain the Serviio device profile for Sony Bluray
 and Network Media Players:

 I would like to report an issue with DTS audio streams that are remuxed
 into mpeg-ts by FFmpeg. The resulting files fail to play on many consumer
 electronics products which do officially support DTS, in my case Sony
 Bluray players, though I can see from the Serviio forum that it's also an
 issue for people who use AV receivers to decode the DTS stream.

 The files that FFmpeg produces play with silent audio on the affected
 devices, but they do play ok in VLC and Media Player Classic Home Cinema.
 I have observed this problem now for quite some time (maybe 18 months or
 so). I have reproduced this using the latest win32 build I could find from
 Zeranoe - ffmpeg-20120601-git-8a0efa9-win32-static.7z

 The remux command line that Serviio would issue is as follows:

 {{{ffmpeg -i
 -y -async 1 -vcodec copy -vbsf h264_mp4toannexb -copyts -acodec copy -map
 0:0 -map 0:1 -sn -f mpegts /volume1/@tmp/Serviio/transcoding-

 The problem is not limited to my choice of example clip - I have found it
 to be consistent with all MKV files containing DTS audio.

 By contrast, the closed source utility
 [[http://www.videohelp.com/tools/tsMuxeR|tsMmuxeR]] is able to remux the
 same test clip in a way that plays perfectly on all systems I have tested.
 I shall attach 10MB clips of the original file, the FFmpeg non-working
 remux, and the TSmuxer working remux so that they may be analysed and

 Hopefully this could lead to a fix, as it doesn't seem that this issue has
 been reported.



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