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#1454: FFMPEG Volume not working as documented
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 Replying to [ticket:1454 ramitbhalla]:
 > Summary of the bug: What's the right syntax for -vol
 > When I run ffmpeg -h the documentation says:
 > -vol volume         change audio volume (256=normal)
 > So if I want to double the volume should I use 512 and to half should I
 use 128?
 > The website: http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html#volume

 Careful, this is the audio volume filter, not the -vol option (the -vol
 option will transparently insert a volume audio filter, the option is just
 kept for backward compatibility, and as a simpler way of changing the

 -vol 512 should indeed double the volume.

 If you want to use the volume audio filter, use -af volume=2.0 (for

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