[FFmpeg-trac] #1891(undetermined:new): FFmpeg not terminating on given file

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Tue Nov 6 17:18:33 CET 2012

#1891: FFmpeg not terminating on given file
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Comment (by eklann):

 I'm sorry to have confused you from the beginning, and not having
 recognized this error myself. The command that I have been trying to
 execute all along is with the parameter "-acodec libmp3lame", just as you
 say. My apologies.

 It does not however change the fact that when I try to convert the file,
 ffmpeg does not terminate. For clarity, here is the full command:

 ffmpeg.exe -xerror -i "ffmpeg_not_terminating.rm" -r 30 -vcodec mpeg1video
 -b:v 200k -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ar 48000 -ab 128k -y "test.mpg"

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