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#1808: Auto add yadif/format filter when needed
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 Sorry for not reacting earlier.

 I have three comments regarding this issue:
 The title asks for automatic insertion of the yadif filter. This would be
 a highly welcome feature but I don't see how it could be achieved: Most
 DVB streams I know (these are the streams that would profit most from the
 feature since in Europe most tv stations still send the live recorded /
 sport material interlaced) signal "interlaced" no matter if the content is
 actually interlaced or was originally recorded at 24/25fps (movies) and
 shows no interlacing artefacts whatsoever.

 The original report above claims that an input file could not be read with
 "ffmpeg -i file" but could be read with "ffmpeg -i file -vf xxx". This is
 simply impossible / would be a very serious bug (but there is no
 indication this was the case).

 For me it was interesting that a file with a "new", unknown fourcc was
 provided as input to ffmpeg - we try hard to support strange formats even
 if they appear broken in some way. But this has limits and files produced
 with MEncoder by the reporter do not fall into this category imo.
 (You can choose any fourcc for any material with both MEncoder and ffmpeg
 but that does not make the resulting file useful.)
 Please note that MEncoder does not support remuxing the raw input from
 tv:// the way you tried, it does support (very well) reencoding v4l input
 using lavc or another encoder.

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