[FFmpeg-trac] #1863(undetermined:closed): Remove all abort() calls from ffmpeg libraries

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Mon Nov 12 22:51:08 CET 2012

#1863: Remove all abort() calls from ffmpeg libraries
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Comment (by reimar):

 All av_assert* use abort().
 Unfortunately all av_assert and aborts I can find are for cases where a
 serious error occurred, we are in an unknown state and generally it is
 simply unfixable and continuing would potentially make bugs easier to
 Or to put it differently:
 > but this might be difficult to handle from an application perspective
 since it would not know what state the thing is in and what exactly to do
 about it.
 It is used in cases where FFmpeg itself has exactly this problem.
 A ff_abort seems kind of pointless, since you can already catch SIGABRT
 for a more or less similar effect.
 So I do not see a way to avoid them that provides a reasonable
 cost/benefit ratio, however
 1) All abort() that are called directly should probably be replaced with
 2) There might be _some_ that would be better to replace with a more
 robust solution (for example the one in ff_init_sparse_vlc that you
 probably encountered could probably be enhanced with a check that all
 static tables are initialized under a lock, thus making this kind of
 mistake immediately obvious).

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