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#1922: Broken or incomplete parser for filters
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Comment (by saste):

 Replying to [comment:3 burek]:
 > @saste: It maybe isn't a bug, but it's better to fix it to have a
 cleaner usage. People who use ffmpeg already have to think about shell
 escaping + this escaping because of the filter's inability to parse the
 expression correctly. I'm just suggesting that this ticket shouldn't be
 closed as fast as possible, just to lower the number of open/unresolved
 tickets, but rather should be discussed more to find the best way to fix
 this issue, because it is an issue and it should be fixed.

 If it isn't a bug (and it isn't since that's the expected parser
 behavior), then it should not be considered as such. Syntax enhancements
 are possible, but they would break the current behavior. The {} thing may
 be implemented at some point, but won't change the escaping problem since
 you would still need to escape some special character ("}" or ")"), so it
 would just move it to another level. Other solutions have been discussed
 recently on the mailing list, just don't believe that there is some
 "simple" silver-bullet solution. Also this is the kind of problem which
 can not be easily marked as fixed, since different persons perceive the
 problem in different ways.

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