[FFmpeg-trac] #1970(FFserver:new): ffserver ignores ffmpeg command line arguments

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Tue Nov 27 14:14:49 CET 2012

#1970: ffserver ignores ffmpeg command line arguments
             Reporter:  importinis  |                    Owner:
                 Type:  defect      |                   Status:  new
             Priority:  important   |                Component:  FFserver
              Version:  git-master  |               Resolution:
             Keywords:  regression  |               Blocked By:
             Blocking:              |  Reproduced by developer:  0
Analyzed by developer:  0           |

Comment (by importinis):

 git bisect start
 # good: [c40798441f47341c310b38e8f329cfb943924faf] Merge remote branch
 git bisect good c40798441f47341c310b38e8f329cfb943924faf
 # bad: [769354348a3acddb36582277a7d3f26e6d179369] PRINT_CODEC_SUPPORTED:
 fix used variable
 git bisect bad 769354348a3acddb36582277a7d3f26e6d179369
 # bad: [175ab5f9a923343dbeb3914a185c223c43702d95] lavfi/*showinfo: use
 av_ts2* macros in showinfo and ashowinfo
 git bisect bad 175ab5f9a923343dbeb3914a185c223c43702d95
 # skip: [1e4d60353cdb50619bc39d78f84afe961d013fae] vc1: disable parts of
 the interlaced code due to security issues.
 git bisect skip 1e4d60353cdb50619bc39d78f84afe961d013fae
 # good: [53d5cd2c8225e251826c77f8f69a30250038fbd0] mov: Support Digital
 Voodoo SD 8 Bit and DTS codec identifiers.
 git bisect good 53d5cd2c8225e251826c77f8f69a30250038fbd0
 # skip: [9e8dff90efa3faae5ac07fa5fae7e154367e24fd] Revert "mov: do not
 misreport empty stts"
 git bisect skip 9e8dff90efa3faae5ac07fa5fae7e154367e24fd
 # skip: [182cbe433aea20b0d9627d40de7c75713ec736db] avtools: parse loglevel
 before all the other options.
 git bisect skip 182cbe433aea20b0d9627d40de7c75713ec736db
 # bad: [2dd7a1c030e64cdd8fed18e2530fb5b95f41b990] swscale: Split C input
 functions into separate file.
 git bisect bad 2dd7a1c030e64cdd8fed18e2530fb5b95f41b990
 # bad: [c4b97fbdfabb9d252a13c9c1f7bc8e1c2e9e43c5] pulse: documentation
 git bisect bad c4b97fbdfabb9d252a13c9c1f7bc8e1c2e9e43c5
 # bad: [5d06f15235c2fa1b6ed2c5af3bc0e3750df4291c] libx264: set default
 thread count to 0 (auto)
 git bisect bad 5d06f15235c2fa1b6ed2c5af3bc0e3750df4291c
 # good: [55eda370cb6fe9e4c21539f3f90fd940fcf7a103] swscale: clip unscaled
 colorspace conversion path.
 git bisect good 55eda370cb6fe9e4c21539f3f90fd940fcf7a103
 # good: [bac3ab13ea6a9dd8853e79ef3eacf51d234c8774] h264: notice memory
 allocation failure
 git bisect good bac3ab13ea6a9dd8853e79ef3eacf51d234c8774
 # good: [bb337b4fbceb6af7f70ef2f9476733cc2fa5350b] avconv: Fix spelling
 git bisect good bb337b4fbceb6af7f70ef2f9476733cc2fa5350b
 # good: [d2ba1fb50c72ee8bb92111cd32453b741c545769] configure: fix typo in
 avconv dependency list
 git bisect good d2ba1fb50c72ee8bb92111cd32453b741c545769
 # good: [0f29699db73d569307cac1abce64ae43647db2d2] libx264: add 'weightb'
 private option.
 git bisect good 0f29699db73d569307cac1abce64ae43647db2d2
 # good: [38934f19fe624270fabf32a411d84f1fee3e0aae] libx264: add 'psy'
 private option.
 git bisect good 38934f19fe624270fabf32a411d84f1fee3e0aae
 # skip: [9bb2d1a3f0ea3595fafad32d6ee1261506f57bb4] h263p encoder: add
 'umv' private option.
 git bisect skip 9bb2d1a3f0ea3595fafad32d6ee1261506f57bb4
 # skip: [4bcee8e7f826b79206da660cd66ad91e497d7184] h263/p encoder: add
 'structured_slices' private option.
 git bisect skip 4bcee8e7f826b79206da660cd66ad91e497d7184
 # bad: [0e5d37309f54f4377ec1f1a7ca41ea06d4ade923] mpeg12enc/mpeg4videoenc:
 add 'alternate_scan' private option.
 git bisect bad 0e5d37309f54f4377ec1f1a7ca41ea06d4ade923
 # bad: [0cc06b9e23bc798b1af3302d095db23f000a97e6] snow: add 'memc_only'
 private option.
 git bisect bad 0cc06b9e23bc798b1af3302d095db23f000a97e6

 some version I've skipped because of making errors.  I hope It will help
 to bugfix

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