[FFmpeg-trac] #1968(build system:new): ./configure --enable-shared --enable-static behavior odd.

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Wed Nov 28 19:54:31 CET 2012

#1968: ./configure --enable-shared --enable-static behavior odd.
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Comment (by rogerdpack):

 Ok here appears to be the behavior:
 with just --enable-shared, it builds .dll's, and a "small" ffmpeg.exe (no
 libav*.a files)
 with just --enable-static, it builds a "large" ffmpeg.exe, no .dll's, and
 yes libav*.a files.  So far so good.

 The confusion comes when you do both of them together.  It's like it must
 decide "which one" to use for building ffmpeg.exe (large, or small?) and
 it appears to default to small, even if --enable-static is specified, and
 is last.  It chooses a size arbitrarily it seems.  If this is expected
 then fine (maybe configure could output a warning or something in this
 Thank you.

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