[FFmpeg-trac] #1800(undetermined:closed): video downloaded from iTunes do not work

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#1800: video downloaded from iTunes do not work
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Comment (by raffairon):

 I think that all your attitude with your users are just rude. First
 someone here (http://ffmpeg.gusari.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=695) told me
 all the operations to do to report that, including uploading the video to
 your FTP server and find by myself a solution to post the full FFMPEG
 console output despite your characters per post restriction and your
 maximum file size restriction in this size. If your software have an
 output that overcome the restriction and you request that output, why you
 put the restriction at all in the first place? Now you just close it with
 a "there is a drmi in the MediaInfo report", making vain all the time I
 spent on it.

 I do not know why if QuickTime is able to play it we (you) cannot even
 think to implement a decoder for that format (as you have put the
 question, it is not a matter of time for you but a matter of the drmi

 Now the MediaCoder think. If someone violated your copyright, legal
 prosecute him. If you don't, you just don't accuse a user that report a
 bug to your software of "relation with whom has violated your copyright".
 BTW, if that makes you sleep better, I have misplelled MediaInfo with
 MediaCoder because yes, I have MediaCoder installed. I got aware of that
 "bug" in FFMPEG because MediaCoder was not able to convert that video.

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