[FFmpeg-trac] #1823(FFmpeg:new): Allow output file for -report option to be specified.

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Wed Oct 17 06:37:43 CEST 2012

#1823: Allow output file for -report option to be specified.
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 I find the -report option very useful and run a process that converts many
 incoming videos and stores the output of the -report option in case any
 later assessment is needed. Currently in order to file the report with the
 video I have to first find the report (either by searching the present
 working directory or grepping the ffmpeg output) and then move it to the
 place where I want to store it. There isn't really a way to predict what
 the output report filename will be until after the ffmpeg command has

 I propose implementing an option to specify the filename or directory of
 the report.

 Note: I realize that I could simply redirect and sdterr and sdtout to a
 file, but the output of the -report option additionally carries additional
 contextual data such as the exact command line and starting date which I'd
 like to store as well.

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