[FFmpeg-trac] #1844(undetermined:new): Crash when trying to join two video files

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Thu Oct 25 23:31:51 CEST 2012

#1844: Crash when trying to join two video files
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Comment (by thegeek):

 Replying to [comment:5 cehoyos]:
 > You could test compiling FFmpeg without libvpx.
 Tested, no difference.

 > > I also noticed that Zeranoe builds ffmpeg with pthreads, is this now a
 "good" solution?
 > I don't know, this is ticket #1509

 I've compiled both ffmpeg and the entire cross-toolchain many _many_ times
 today, with no real progress:/
 Seeing as how Zeranoe's builds seem to work it should surely be possible
 to get this working.

 For a while I thought I had something but it turns out I was just
 misconfiguring by not setting arch correctly. Will this disable asm? If so
 it would explain why those builds work. (When arch is set correctly it
 still crashes.)

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