[FFmpeg-trac] #2901(avcodec:new): mpeg4 encoder does not have any of the profile/level standard

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#2901: mpeg4 encoder does not have any of the profile/level standard
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 Summary of the request:
 When encoding mpeg4 video (-c:v mpeg4) with ffmpeg, it does not have any
 limits of the various profile/levels for mpeg4 as found in MPEG-4 Part 2
 and listed on this page
 (see MPEG-4 Levels section)
 So for instance, the max bitrate and max buffer size are not programmed,
 and the generated video can violate these limits.  They have to be set
 manually (with -maxrate, -bufsize).  Moreover, to get "Advanced Simple
 Profile", need to use '-profile 15', which is an odd number unfound in the
 documentation and has to be looked up in the source code.
 How to reproduce:
 % ffmpeg -i input -c:v mpeg4 ... output
 ffmpeg version N-55721-gc443689
 built on Aug 22 2013 19:06:24 with gcc 4.7.3 (GCC)
 Patches should be submitted to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list and not this
 bug tracker.

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