[FFmpeg-trac] #3597(undetermined:new): ffmpeg git version N-62751-gd03defa create slow/hang h.264 file.

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Mon Apr 28 14:35:02 CEST 2014

#3597: ffmpeg git version N-62751-gd03defa create slow/hang h.264 file.
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Comment (by dkt):

 1. Details for using Mplayer to playback attached.

 2. for using ffmbc to do conversion:

 Originally, I have use AVC-intra 100, ffmbc produced a file with overall
 bitrate around 90Mbps.
 Note I have provide the command to use ffmpeg to do conversion
 (conversion.txt). Although I have specired AVC-intra 100, it produced a
 overall bitrate of 175 Mbps (This is another issue with ffmpeg).

 In that case, in order to produce a similar bitrate with ffmpeg, I do the
 conversion with ffmbc to produce AVC-intra 200. It produced a overall
 bitrate of around 183 Mbps.

 3. I have no problem playing back the file produced by ffmbc. I have done
 side by side playback of the both files and the same time. The file
 produced by ffmpeg is not smooth, especially after the transition.

 4. Please check the files from my google drive, instead of the
 upload.ffmpeg.org (incomplete upload).

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