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#3826: Can't get frame of a video just from specific second
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 Replying to [comment:4 jurassic]:
 > I really don't understand you with "Please reopen this ticket if there
 is any application that shows video for more than 43 seconds."

 But you finally answered the question below...

 > All video players shows video for the duration of the video itself ...

 How can this be true? You yourself reported here that FFmpeg only shows 43
 seconds of the video, and the same is true for MPlayer.

 > if I have a movie of 2 hours, I can see the 2 hours complete in VLC or
 ANY video player.

 I tested the file with vlc 2.1.5 and it plays video for exactly 43 seconds
 for the given file. Which version did you test?

 > That video duration is 21 minutes 30 seconds ... why can not I extract a
 frame from second 45 ?

 Afaict, the video is only 43 seconds, but please see below!

 > Can't get a frame of any part of a video with ffmpeg ?

 > This is insane ... I download the video, I click twice in my Mac and
 Quicktime opens the video, and I can see playing the video for 21 minutes
 30 seconds ... ALL OF IT.

 I tested with QuickTime 7.7.5 and it only shows video for 43 seconds.
 Before I try to find a OSX computer with a current version of QuickTime,
 could you confirm the md5sum of the file you are testing and tell me the
 QuickTime version that shows more than 43 seconds?
 $ md5sum Quicktime_test3_3GPv5_H263_xbit_176x144_AR1

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