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#3851: Problem With Memory On Larger M4b to mp3 conversions
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 Hello All ...

 I have been using ffmpeg for a while and it works great ...

 I only just starting having issues ...

 Here is my problem ...

 Windows Xp...

 ffmpeg 8-11-2014 Nightly build test NO JOY ...win32

 When I convert m4b to mp3 files and the m4b is bigger 850 mb (AudioBook)
 some are bigger than 1.4 gb

 ffmpeg crashes error out of memory ...

 I watch ffmpeg in the task manager And I can See it is trying to keep the
 complete file in memory
 it never dumps it to the disk until the conversion is complete ...
 If I watch the File on the Disk it does NOT get bigger that 1 kB until it
 errors or finishes ...

 Smaller m4b work fine ...

 Here are some of the command lines I have tried and work But NOT for the
 Large files.

 ffmpeg -i test.m4b -map_metadata 0:s:0 -codec:a libmp3lame -q:a 4 done.mp3

 NOTE: all of the m4b files play fine ...

 I have tried Many different m4b files without issue ...only those larger
 files 850 MB ... error ...
 (I do NOT know the exact size at which it stops working)

 All the above lines work perfectly with smaller files I only have issues
 if the m4b file is larger ..

 thanks all in advance

 Michael T.

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