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#3875: Cannot seek MP4 with HEVC
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Comment (by muken):

 The sample has only one entry within the sync sample table.
 This means that you can only seek to the first picture.
 And this is not an issue of the libavformat demuxer since the sample
 contains 5 CRA pictures and they can be marked as a sync sample according
 to the 14496-15 3rd ed..
 This is an issue of the muxer which made this sample.
 So, blame the muxer.

 To all appearance, the muxer is MP4Box since the sample contains a weird
 brand, hvc1.

 [stss: Sync Sample Box]
     version = 0
     flags = 0x000000
     entry_count = 1
     sample_number[0] = 1

 [stss: Sync Sample Box]
     version = 0
     flags = 0x000000
     entry_count = 6
     sample_number[0] = 1
     sample_number[1] = 247
     sample_number[2] = 497
     sample_number[3] = 747
     sample_number[4] = 997
     sample_number[5] = 1247

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